Emerald Equities

A brand new all-in-one place for stock research, market data,
and financial news

This all new offering is an extraordinary solution for stock market and company information. Providing an endless amount of both qualitative and quantitative data to keep members well informed.

Emerald Equity Research provides you with direct access to everything you might need to reach an investment decision and feel in tune with the finance world.  Including;

  • Extensive fundamental data
  • Stock recommendations
  • Unique quantitative ranking
  • Stock screeners and custom reports
  • Daily news
  • Market views
  • Dedicated weekly equities webcast

What can Emerald Equities do?

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AUS & US Stock Recommendations

Looking for your next stock pick but don’t know where to start? Our expert team are constantly monitoring the market to find stock buy recommendations that meet our rules. You’ll be notified of the recommendation as soon as it is released.

Extensive Fundamental Data

With a wealth of company and market data, if there’s something you need to know to make an informed decision, you’ll find it here. All the key figures, ratios, and metrics, powered by one of the biggest data companies in the world.

Exclusive Stock Screeners and Scoring

Our exclusive screeners and scoring system has been rigorously tested to allow you to search the entire ASX for the exact kind of stock your are looking for to be your next investment. Need a list of high growth small cap tech companies? Not a problem. We also score every stock out of 100 as a way to give you a quick health-check on anything you are looking at.

Breaking News and Expert Commentary

Access breaking market news and expert opinions from a number of sources. Providing constant commentary to keep you in the know on whats happening in the economy, and what stocks to keep an eye on.

Who are we?

Emerald Financial is a boutique financial services firm founded in Melbourne in 2005. With a history as an equities and derivatives trading desk, education firm and AFSL licence holder.

We found over time that our clients wanted a single source of information that better informs their investment decisions, whilst keeping things interesting and in-tune with a changing market.

Our dedicated team of advisors are passionate about getting into the nitty gritty of individual stocks and larger market trends, and are excited to be able to share with you everything we look at.

Trading With Emerald

As part of your Emerald Equities membership, we’ll invite you to open a trading account with us free of charge. Trading through our service includes:

  • Low brokerage: trade as low as $2 on U.S. stocks
    and $6.60 for Australian
  • Powerful Platform: Global award winning platform
  • We’ve got it all: Options, Futures, Bonds, Commodities and of course World Equities. 135 markets across 33 countries.
  • Trade how you want: Use the web browser, mobile app, or advanced desktop version of the platform (or all 3)
  • DIY for cheap brokerage, or use our Advisor Assisted service, available for all accounts.

Trade with Emerald

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